Introducing Neustar, the Registry behind .vu

Aug 12, 2019

This week Telecommunications Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulator (TRBR) announced it has appointed Neustar as the new back-end Registry Operator for the .vu country code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD). 

This is an exciting milestone in the transformation of .vu, and with work continuing to ensure a smooth and efficient transition, we want to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves – and the wider Neustar organisation, in greater detail.

Neustar Vanuatu Limited, a subsidiary of Neustar, Inc. (“Neustar”) was selected from a group of respondents to a competitive tender process conducted by TRBR, which sought a Registry Operator to support TRBR in growing and promoting the .vu namespace.

Ultimately, TRBR selected Neustar for its strong reputation in the domain name Registry space, extensive ccTLD experience and its tender response that highlighted its technical and business capabilities.

Neustar has a growing global presence, and we’re thrilled to bring our experience with country code domains of all sizes from around the world, to benefit the people of Vanuatu and its online community.

You can read TRBR’s press announcement here for more details on Neustar’s appointment.

So for those who may not be familiar with Neustar’s work, here is some further background on the new Registry provider behind .vu.

Introducing Neustar

Neustar Registry is a domain name industry pioneer – and today is the world’s largest provider of digital naming services, boasting a team of the industry’s most passionate leaders, innovators and influencers.

In addition to .vu, Neustar operates the back-end technology and marketing for several ccTLDs around the world, including .CO (Colombia), .US (United States) and .IN (India). In addition, we operate and support a large portfolio of generic TLDs, including the fastest-growing city TLD .nyc, and other high-profile domains like .biz. In total, we support almost 240 TLDs and 15 million domain names.

Neustar’s Registry technology supports a global community with infrastructure throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. There are 20 Internationalised Domain Name (IDN) languages in operation in Neustar’s Registry today, and the team is highly experienced with implementing IDNs around the world to support and encourage a diverse, inclusive internet experience.

Beyond Registry services

Beyond our core Registry offering, globally Neustar offers a suite of services that augment and enhance our offering, including the largest DDoS mitigation network in the world with more than 11 terabits per second of capacity over 30 global nodes. Neustar provides authoritative DNS for 1.7 million zones with 34 billion global queries per day, as well as numerous industry-leading services for threat and abuse mitigation and other Security solutions.

Countdown to Migration Day

As the transition draws closer, we’re working in close collaboration with TRBR and TVL, as well as our global network of Registrar partners, to ensure all systems are in place and running smoothly. We look forward to continuing this relationship for many years to come, as we work to grow, strengthen and improve performance of the .vu namespace, for the benefit of all the people and businesses of Vanuatu.