Be seen online with a .VU web address

When you choose .VU, you get more than just a domain name.

Whether you’re a local small business owner, entrepreneur, community organisation, or individual, here’s why .VU is the right choice

Benefits of a .VU web address

Be proud of the Vanuatu heritage

Make it simple for people to understand where you or your business are based and take advantage of Vanuatu’s brand.

Better SEO & Google rankings

With a .VU, keywords are built right into your web address, which can increase organic traffic and help your site appear higher in local search results.

Be Seen Online 

.VU is a short and snappy domain name and ‘vu’ means ‘seen’ in French – Targeting a French speaking market? Then this is one way to stand out.


A Call-to-Action should be Central to your Website

A Call-to-Action (CTA) is a line of text or a hyper link that prompts your website visitors to make a step on your website. CTAs tell a visitor to do something in order to receive more information, to talk to someone or to make a purchase.