Be seen online with a .VU web address

When you choose .VU, you get more than just a domain name.

Whether you’re a local small business owner, entrepreneur, community organisation, or individual, here’s why .VU is the right choice

Benefits of a .VU web address

Be proud of the Vanuatu heritage

Make it simple for people to understand where you or your business are based and take advantage of Vanuatu’s brand.

Better SEO & Google rankings

With a .VU, keywords are built right into your web address, which can increase organic traffic and help your site appear higher in local search results.

Be Seen Online 

.VU is a short and snappy domain name and ‘vu’ means ‘seen’ in French – Targeting a French speaking market? Then this is one way to stand out.


Your Domain Name is Your Best Marketing Tool

Your Domain Name is Your Best Marketing Tool

Your domain is your company’s digital alias. Similar to creating a great name for your business, a domain name is just as important. A solid, easy to remember domain name helps establish brand recognition and trust with customers. Read on to learn more about domain names and why they deserve more than a casual thought.

7 Tips to Identify a Trustworthy Website

7 Tips to Identify a Trustworthy Website

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