Neustar to support Vanuatu’s digital economy and culture as new Registry for .vu ccTLD

Aug 12, 2019

By George Pongas
Vice President, Corporate Affairs & Business Development – Registry Solutions
Neustar, Inc.

Neustar is thrilled to share the news that Telecommunications Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulator (TRBR) in Vanuatu has appointed us as the new Registry and DNS services provider for the .vu ccTLD.

You can read more information in the full announcement here.

It is truly humbling to have our capabilities, our experience and our approach to Registry and DNS operations recognized again, this time by TRBR and the Vanuatu digital community.

This is a unique time in .vu’s history, with potential for growth and opportunities to strengthen and provide improved stability to the namespace, for the benefit of Vanuatu’s people, businesses and communities. We are firm believers that the credibility of a ccTLD is crucial, and that’s why we operate like a partner, rather than a vendor, for our Registry clients.

From our experience supporting ccTLDs around the world, including the United States’ .US (for which we were recently awarded a renewed contract for up to 10 years), Colombia’s .CO, and India’s .IN, we are acutely aware that no two ccTLDs are the same. Just as the countries themselves differ in size, culture, customs and attitudes, so too do their online identities – and we are excited to embark on a journey to hone and enhance Vanuatu’s digital ecosystem.

There are many opportunities available to .vu at this point in its history, from building and growing a solid Registrar channel, to finding and creating new markets within Vanuatu and around the world, to embedding the .vu namespace even more deeply in the business and digital communities of Vanuatu and supporting its founders, creators and entrepreneurs.

At the same time, we will maintain our core focus of providing a strong, secure, stable Registry and DNS service for the .vu namespace to ensure its users are afforded the best possible service at all times.

This is an exciting day for Neustar and we look forward to providing updates on the progress of the .vu Registry transformation, as well as future projects, in the coming weeks and months. We will be sharing more information and updates at the new .vu website, (or, or!).