Neustar now providing growth, security and performance to .vu ccTLD following successful registry transition

Dec 23, 2019

By George Pongas
Vice President, Corporate Affairs & Business Development – Registry Solutions
Neustar, Inc.

Following several months of hard work and preparation between Neustar and The Office of the Vanuatu Telecommunications, Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulator (TRBR), we are excited to announce the successful migration of the .vu ccTLD onto Neustar’s Registry platform. However, this is just the beginning – from now onwards, we’ll be partnering with TRBR to provide increased security and performance to the .vu domain and the region’s Internet stakeholders.

We are excited to be part of this new era for .vu and providing significant growth of the namespaces in Vanuatu and globally, as well as supporting the nation’s digital economy in general. This is a unique time in .vu’s history, with potential for growth and opportunities to strengthen and provide improved stability to the namespace, for the benefit of Vanuatu’s people, businesses and communities. We are firm believers that the credibility of a ccTLD is crucial, and that’s why we operate like a partner, rather than a vendor, for our Registry clients.

Neustar has extensive experience of managing registry operations both large and small, so we are uniquely positioned to bring success and establish it as a leading ccTLD amongst the Pacific Island Nations. From our experience supporting ccTLDs and city TLDs around the world, including the United States’ .US, India’s .IN, Colombia’s .CO, .nyc and .sydney, we are acutely aware that no two TLDs are the same. Just as the countries or cities themselves differ in size, culture, customs and attitudes, so too do their online identities – and we are excited to embark on a journey to bring innovation and enhance Vanuatu’s digital ecosystem.

Over two years ago Neustar set out to become the industry leader in DNS security and abuse mitigation and that led us to do a full upgrade of our Registry platform to take advantage of the latest technologies and security features. Among other things, we embarked on a largescale investment to update our global infrastructure by adding multiple layers of security and features to handle unusual traffic, attacks and denial of service events. This includes 30 new global DNS nodes, advanced threat mitigation services and an almost tenfold increase in our DDoS mitigation capacity, making us the largest player in the industry, with 11.8Tbps scrubbing capacity to ensure bad traffic is blocked while legitimate internet traffic continues to reach its destination.

We are honoured to partner with TRBR and share our innovation and technology expertise with them to support all Vanuatu internet users with a fast, secure and accessible .vu namespace. Although we are celebrating this success today, ultimately this is just the first step in what we trust will be a long and prosperous partnership.

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GoDaddy Inc. acquired Neustar’s Registry business/Registry Services, LLC and its subsidiaries as of August 03, 2020.